Ginkgo biloba – the use of tinctures for the potency…


Ginkgo biloba - the use of tinctures for the potency... Ginkgo Biloba – the use of tincture for male potency: how to take and how long the treatment for prostatitis lasts
What is this Ginkgo Biloba remedy, what is the use of tincture to increase the potency of men and in what doses it should be taken for prostatitis.

How to take Ginkgo Biloba tincture and what is its benefit

The use of this plant has been practiced by Chinese physicians for three thousand years. The benefits brought by ginkgo biloba are comparable to nootropic drugs, and the antioxidant effect allows us to call the plant a “tree of youth”.

The unique composition has a beneficial effect on most organs and body systems.

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Even the tri trenbolone 150 seeds are large, in all respects similar to apricots, except for taste, of course. Even the seeds of ginkgo biloba are divided into three layers.

The developed root system makes the plant strong, practically invulnerable to surrounding negative influences: it is not afraid of frost, dust, exhaust, snow, animal pests, heat.

Individual plants withstand even endured the nuclear disaster of Hiroshima, after a while even turning green again. Part of its longevity miracle plant is shared with man.

Ginkgo biloba for men can be a salvation from impotence by sharing with them their stamina.

Useful material

The composition of the needles of ginkgo biloba contains more than 100 active components. Some are presented below.

Group Examples Comments
Triterpene lactones Ginkgolid, bilobalide. There are only this species.
Bioflavonoids Quercetin, kaempferol, isorhamnetin About 25% of the composition.
Flavonoid glycosides Bilobetin, myricetin, ginkgetin.
Trace elements Magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus.
Minerals Selenium, copper, manganese, titanium.
Enzymes Superoxide dismutase. Obtained from the leaves.

Here only a part of the plant components casey viator bodybuilder is listed, but catechins, steroids, and ginkgoic acids can also be called.

The most useful – foliage, seeds of ginkgo biloba. Collected leaves, seeds stored dried. Whole leaves of saturated color, seeds that have fallen naturally are considered suitable. The extract is already obtained from dry leaves, for the preparation of 100 g of extract it takes about 6 kg of dry product.

Recommendation! By purchasing simple dried leaves instead of pills, you will be confident in the composition, and enough for a long time.

Green healer

The therapeutic effect is scientifically confirmed. It is explained by the richest composition of the ginkgo biloba plant. How to take, does not play a big role. The effect is literally on all organs and systems of the body:

  1. Vessels: strengthens the walls, which reduces the risk of heart attack.
  2. Veins: used as a remedy for varicose veins.
  3. Brain: stimulates activity, supplying it with oxygen, glucose.
  4. Skin: relieves swelling, slows the aging process.
  5. Blood: improves blood circulation, dilutes blood, prevents blood clots.
  6. Pancreas: protects, increases insulin production.
  7. Nervous system: alleviates depression.
  8. Excretory system: has a diuretic effect, removes toxins.

  • tincture;
  • powder;
  • cream;
  • ointment;
  • gel;
  • pills.
  • Ginkgo biloba - the use of tinctures for the potency...

There are drugs with ginkgo biloba, having a different composition, prices. Prices start at 130 rubles per pack.

The cost depends on the concentration of the useful components, the manufacturer’s company, the presence of other useful components, for example, Eleutherococcus. The highest content of the main substance in capsules "Bilobil Intens" and "Memoplant" – 120 mg.

Other drugs

Ginkgo Biloba Forte is the most common remedy. A positive effect on memory, blood flow, vascular walls, immunity, performance.

Ginkoum is indicated for the following problems: anxiety, deteriorating memory, sleep disturbances, fear for no apparent reason. Helps the brain to get enough oxygen, glucose, improves blood circulation.

Bilobil The capsule contains 80 mg of the active component of the plant. The duration of the course of treatment is determined by the attending physician, usually it is 1 month.

Ginos. The concentration of ginkgo biloba is 40 mg / capsule. It contributes to the removal of free radicals, toxins, increases the ability to concentrate, improves the quality of sleep. Improves metabolism, venous tone, blood circulation in the brain.

Tanakan Each capsule contains 40 mg of extract. In addition to the effects common to all such drugs, also has a diuretic effect, as a result, swelling goes. Anti-inflammatory effect is also characteristic of this drug. Treatment takes approximately 3 months.

Vitrum Memori. The main action is to improve the patient’s memory. Substances in the capsule – 40 mg. It helps to improve the condition of blood vessels, normalizes metabolism, toxins, eliminates the feeling of constant anxiety.

Evalar Content of the main active ingredient – 40 mg. Form release – tablets covered with a red shell. It is recommended to take if there are complaints of dizziness, tinnitus, headache. It also has a positive effect on blood circulation, brain activity, vision, and hearing.

Vertex. Food supplement to normalize the thickness of the walls of blood vessels, blood circulation in tissues and organs, metabolism. Recommended for varicose veins, poor memory. Concentration of active ingredient – 80 mg.


The range of problems solved by this plant is high even with the use of a small concentration. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor, to pass tests.

Ginkgo biloba can cope with the above-mentioned erectile dysfunction, fatigue, varicose veins. The use of drugs for slower metabolism, elevated levels of sugar, cholesterol, excess weight, hemorrhoids annadrall side effects, cataracts, insomnia, asthma, loss of skin elasticity, poor memory is shown.

If you replace your morning coffee with tea from brewed leaves, you will be guaranteed caffeineless vigor.

Duration of a course of treatment by a plant is selected individually. Do not boldabol expect an instant effect: even with regular use of drugs, it will appear only after a month or two.

Awakening of male power

Regularly taking drugs with this plant, you can significantly improve erectile abilities.

This action is explained by the normalization of blood circulation, nerve condition, and general well-being.

The use of ginkgo biloba for potency does not hurt, but will make a man more healthy, energetic.

In addition to the normalization of sexual function, it will reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol. The sleep mode will be improved, the gone confidence will return. It is recommended to use the plant workaholics, all the time, giving away the power to work. The healing elixir of ginkgo biloba will add the missing energy.

Numerous reviews suggest that it works, and ginkgo biloba has become a real discovery for writers. How to take biloba, depends on the purpose, the scale of the desired surge of energy.

Reception tincture: instructions

 ginkgo biloba – how to take? First you need to make sure that there is evidence.

Go to the doctor, get answers to your questions, only after the recommendation of the doctor to begin treatment.

The main remedy will be ginkgo biloba tincture. How to take, tell the instructions to the drug.

Indications for plant therapy may include: disturbed day regimen, insufficient speed, quality of thought processes, neuroses, problems of blood clotting, blood circulation.

Tincture of ginkgo biloba will help with excess weight, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease.

Recipe for brain stimulating tincture: pour chopped fresh / dried leaves of ginkgo biloba with vodka or alcohol with water in a ratio of 40:60. Firmly close the container, leave for a couple of weeks. Stir periodically. When two weeks pass, filter. Done, you can begin treatment.

Ginkgo biloba intake regimen:

  1. Pour in a glass, dilute with water 10-15 drops.
  2. Drink before meals twice a day.
  3. The minimum course duration is a month.
  4. It is acceptable to repeat the course no more than three times a year.

Side effects and contraindications

How to take the elixir to avoid side effects? They are related to each other: if there are no contraindications, the likelihood of negative effects decreases.

Reception of ginkgo is not allowed during pregnancy, low blood clotting, problems with the stomach, intestines, allergies to the components of the drug, children, adolescents under 18.

The likely side effects of taking a plant are: an eating disorder, an allergy, a headache. When combined with anticoagulants there is a risk of cerebral hemorrhage.

Cases of overdose by the plant have not been met: the preparations andropen275 from the plant are of plant origin, the adverse effect is only if the contraindications are ignored.

Peppy Tea: Recipe

It is not necessary to drink pills and tincture; you can make light tea from a plant with invigorating properties. This will require the leaves of our miracle tree, dried on their own or purchased in a pharmacy.

By brewing a medicinal drink for a few minutes, do not get it. It is necessary to insist tea for 3-4 hours. The process is carried out in sunlight in a transparent jar. The result is a drink that is as rich as possible with useful properties and cannot be compared with ordinary tea.

Note! Drinking tea from a plant has a strong positive effect on immunity.

Useful video

Let’s sum up

An extract of youth, a tree-doctor, a thousand-year-old doctor – this is what can be called ginkgo biloba. How to take it (and use it at all), everyone decides for himself.

But it cannot be denied that this plant has already helped many people. Let a person not be able, as it is, to live to 1000 years, having survived a nuclear explosion, but may try to prolong life a little.

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